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Reserve Hose Co. proudly protects approximately 15,000 people living in an area of about 11 square miles in the town of West Seneca, NY. We operate out of 2 stations, protecting a primarily residential area. Our fire department is a public department whose members are 100% volunteer.

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The mission and purpose of the Reserve Hose Fire Company is to prevent loss of life and to control or reduce the loss of property by applying all of our professional knowledge and resources. We will accomplish this mission through fire suppression, rescue, first aid, code enforcement, public education, fire investigation and professional development training. It is our number one priority to provide the best fire and medical services to all the citizens and visitors of our community.

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You don't need any special skills to start, just a commitment and drive to help your neighbors and community. You will learn new skills and train on them, becoming proficient in skills that may someday save a life.

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Training DrillsRecent Training Drill

April 19, 2021 - Hose Lay Drill

This week’s drill was focused on forward and reverse hose lays. It starts with pulling the hoses off the engine and wrapping around the hydrant. Then informing the truck operator to move forward, allowing the hoses to flake off the rig. The team flushes the hydrant and threads in the hoses. Once complete, they inform the operator that water is ready to flow. All of this should be finished in a matter of minutes. Time is of the essence in firefighting and this is one of the first skills a new recruit will learn and be prepared to utilize on the fire ground.

Are you ready for the challenge? Become a member of Reserve Hose and put your skills to the test.

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Main Station
2400 Berg Rd, West Seneca, NY 14218
Phone: 716-675-1128

Sub Station
807 East and West Rd, West Seneca, NY 14224
Phone: 716-675-1163

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