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Reserve Hose Co. proudly protects approximately 15,000 people living in an area of about 11 square miles in the town of West Seneca, NY. We operate out of 2 stations, protecting a primarily residential area. Our fire department is a public department whose members are 100% volunteer.

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The mission and purpose of the Reserve Hose Fire Company is to prevent loss of life and to control or reduce the loss of property by applying all of our professional knowledge and resources. We will accomplish this mission through fire suppression, rescue, first aid, code enforcement, public education, fire investigation and professional development training. It is our number one priority to provide the best fire and medical services to all the citizens and visitors of our community.

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December Events

Reserve Hose Annual Christmas Party

The Fire Company held its traditional Christmas Party for our members. This is our most treasured event, with the focus on our members' children and grandchildren. The event included face painting, a horse drawn carriage and a visit by the big guy. The smiles and cheers truly fill our hearts with the holiday spirit.

Annual Christmas Party 1 Annual Christmas Party 2

Christmas Blizzard

The Christmas of 2022 will forever be remembered for the voracious blizzard Western New York suffered through. Nearly four weeks from the November snowstorm, this event was an even bigger punch inflicted upon our community and once again, Reserve Hose stepped up and served honorably. The impact of this storm affected the entire region and impacted emergency services the most. Our teams worked through zero visibility challenges and stepped in for the contracted service companies to ensure hospital transports were completed. All requests for assistance were answered and slowly our residents got back on their feet and enjoyed the holidays with family and friends.

Christmas Blizzard

2022 Calls in Review

Once again, Reserve Hose was called upon again and again to assist the West Seneca Community. The 1,246 requests for service this year consisted of a steady mix of emergency medical requests, structure fires, auto accidents and rescues. The calls for 2022 increased by 6% from last year. Thanks to the unwavering dedication of our voluntary members, our responses were swift and efficient. Thankfully, all our members were accounted for this year and no significant injuries were suffered. As our section of West Seneca continues its growth and the population ages, we expect the calls for service will increase as well. If you are interested in joining our team, please go to the join tab and sign up. We look forward to hearing from you.

2022 Calls

If you are interested in being ready to help your community, go to the Join tab and get started. We need your help!

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Main Station
2400 Berg Rd, West Seneca, NY 14218
Phone: 716-675-1128

Sub Station
807 East and West Rd, West Seneca, NY 14224
Phone: 716-675-1163

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