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Reserve Hose Co. proudly protects approximately 15,000 people living in an area of about 11 square miles in the town of West Seneca, NY. We operate out of 2 stations, protecting a primarily residential area. Our fire department is a public department whose members are 100% volunteer.

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The mission and purpose of the Reserve Hose Fire Company is to prevent loss of life and to control or reduce the loss of property by applying all of our professional knowledge and resources. We will accomplish this mission through fire suppression, rescue, first aid, code enforcement, public education, fire investigation and professional development training. It is our number one priority to provide the best fire and medical services to all the citizens and visitors of our community.

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April Events

Monthly Drill - Communication Challenges

One of the drills for this month was overcoming the communication challenges that firefighters must combat on major incidents such as a structure fire or multi-car motor vehicle accident. Teams of two were staged in different rooms of the fire station with the direction to build the very same structure out of Legos, using only radio communication. The drill was enhanced by the utilization of our self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), while also being in the same room with other teams and using the same radio channel.

As you can see, the builds were similar, but not the exact same. The teams all agreed that this was a more difficult experience than expected, but that each member working the drill came out with an improved understanding of what it takes to keep a level and calm demeanor.

Communication Challenges 1 Communication Challenges 2 Communication Challenges 3 Communication Challenges 4

Fireman’s Memorial Exhibit Center

Did you know that the Town of West Seneca has its very own fire exhibit center? It is stock full of past fire apparatus and gear used by many of the volunteer fire companies around Western New York. This tremendous group of history buffs are committed to preserving and displaying the wide variety of equipment used by generations of firefighting women and men from around our area. Please take the time to visit them, take in the different exhibits, grab one of the famous grilled hot dogs and provide them with any financial support to keep their mission strong. Oh, and please say hello to one of Reserve’s own, Charlie. He’s the one on the left.

Exhibit Center 1 Exhibit Center 2 Exhibit Center 3

Reserve Hose / Fire District #3 LED Signs

The Reserve Hose Fire Company membership and the leaders of Fire District #3 collaborated on the approval and installation of two brand new, state of the art, LED road signs for both fire stations. These two signs will provide a new means of communication to all the residents of our community. We can now post any town events, open houses, recruitment needs and public service announcements to keep everyone up to date on the latest and greatest fire service news.

LED Signs 1 LED Signs 2

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2400 Berg Rd, West Seneca, NY 14218
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